Fit for Future

Projects "Equal opportunities and inclusion"

Living inclusive infrastructure & diversity

In order to ensure that existing buildings are barrier-free, a tour was carried out for the first time with the building owners and a disability organization. Recommendations for improvements are to be identified on future tours.
The aim is also to promote acceptance, visibility and awareness. For example, a "Queer Uni Bern" network is currently being set up for queer university employees.

Inclusive restrooms and checkrooms

A concept is being developed to make the University of Bern's toilets and checkrooms available to all genders ("All Gender Restrooms"). This has already been introduced as a pilot project at the Faculty of Theology.

Barrier-free study and work environment

The Equal Opportunities Department aims to provide a point of contact for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, offering clarification and advice. For example, support is to be provided in organizing compensation for disadvantages and best practices are to be networked and collected. In addition, university members are to be sensitized and informed about important topics. A two-hour online learning unit (iLUB) on the topic of "Digital accessibility in studies, teaching and research" is currently being developed to implement these goals. There will also be a course for university staff with teaching assignments to expand their skills in the area of inclusive teaching and accessibility.

Science and leadership culture: Better Science Initiative

The initiative of the "Critical Excellence Discourse" working group draws attention to the problems of an accelerated science system and promotes the discourse on excellence at the university.

University: Science culture - University of Bern (

Support for management: tools for implementing the DORA declaration

A "DORA" working group, consisting of VRQ, VRF and VRI, will be set up to develop the following measures:

  •     Access to information material on the implementation of the DORA declaration, taking into account aspects of equal opportunities and inclusion
  •     Development of a tool to query the net academic age, which will be made available to the election committees (in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities)
  •     Training for university staff on the topic of evaluation, possible biases and peer review (in cooperation with the ILUB)
  •     Further

DORA Declaration