Fit for Future

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a crucial component in achieving our overall strategy. In ensuring a balance between openness and security, we aim to create a digital working environment that is perceived as an asset rather than a burden.

Agility is an important factor that enables us to process research data quickly. Everyone should feel comfortable in the digital environment, regardless of their affinity for IT. We value equal opportunity, and we provide options for those who may face challenges. We invest in the further development of our employees' digital skills, while minimizing stress and ensuring a reasonable workload. Our approach to digitalization is critical and we always remember that people are at its center.

Our goals:

  • Digital transformation helps us achieve our overall strategy.
  • There is a balance between openness and security.
  • We are agile and research data can be processed quickly.
  • People feel comfortable in the digital environment and perceive the digital working environment not as a burden, but as an asset.
  • We continuously develop our skills.
  • We critically engage with digitalization.

Digitalization at the University of Bern (in German)