Fit for Future

New workplace concepts

Changing forms of work, flexibility in terms of location and time, as well as the increasing variety of the proportion of tasks people do in study and teaching, research, service, administration, and interdisciplinary collaboration place new demands on the working environment, which is exemplified by the availability of a sufficient, diversified supply of suitable workspaces.

Our goals:  

  •    The UniBE develops its own concept with the working title BüroUNIversum based on ActivityBasedWork (different offers depending on activity and mobility type) and in accordance with cantonal requirements, taking into account university-specific circumstances (e.g. laboratory activities, student AP, guests & research partners)
  •     Flexible access - in terms of time and place, to activity-specific workstations, areas, rooms, and locations  
  •     An easy-to-use and transparent tool for room and workspace reservation, findability, and usage evaluation  
  •     Workspaces which support and promote contemporary forms of collaboration. Digital and hybrid working is supported
  •     Communication areas which promote a sense of togetherness, and spaces which provide for and encourage social contact and exchange.
  •     A wide range of workspaces in which the individuality and cultural backgrounds of the people working are valued.
  •     Interior design concepts that promote movement, places for relaxation and rest, as well as ergonomic work equipment which promotes good employee health.

In the next 20 years:  

  •     We will be able to freely choose from a wide range of workspaces and across all locations, based on the variety of activities and individual working styles and mobility types.
  •     We will use attractive spaces that reflect the identity of the University, are appropriately furnished, and are designed to accommodate the activities.
  •     We will have a range of appropriate accompanying infrastructures with a high degree of user friendliness, which support the attractiveness of the University and our diverse activities. This includes communication areas, breastfeeding rooms, parent-child rooms, food offerings, etc.
  •    The interior design will be able to be used flexibly and will meet changing requirements.
  •     The new workspace arrangement will support future generations in their individual working methods.