Fit for Future

Equal opportunities and inclusion

How can we promote equal opportunity? How can we achieve greater diversity among both students and employees of the University of Bern? How can management be made aware of equal opportunity and inclusion and supported in practicing it?

Our goals:

  • We want equal opportunities for all members of UniBE, regardless of their differences.  
  • We want to make diversity visible and empower those affected by facilitating networking through low threshold offers.
  • We facilitate access to information and integrate aspects of diversity at all levels, e.g. in recruitment procedures, calls for tender, etc.
  • We no longer want to talk about equal opportunities as a challenge, but rather as a "normality".  
  • We foster visibility through internal and external communication.
  • Diversity and inclusion increase our attractiveness without inhibiting competitiveness.
  • We provide a discrimination-free environment for all. Everyone is comfortable with the way we practice inclusion and diversity, dealing with the issue openly and calmly.
  • Every person is accepted as they are and does not have to hide anything in order to participate fully at UniBern.