Fit for Future

Kickoff Meeting May 10

The launch event for the "Fit for Future" program took place at the University of Bern on May 10. The program, which will run for two years, aims to ensure that the university remains an attractive and vibrant place to work and study over the next two decades. The meeting brought together all the project leaders involved in the project and gave them the opportunity to present their fields of action and discuss the development of their projects in the respective topics.

Each field of action has its own teams working to contribute to the overall goals of the program. The diversity of projects highlighted the comprehensive nature of the Fit for Future program, which covers various aspects that are critical to the long-term success of the university.

Project leaders provided insights into their respective areas and highlighted the ideas and solutions they are planning or already implementing. From improving space and providing research equipment to strengthening mid-level faculty and developing modern job profiles, each area of action showed its commitment to the future.

In addition to sharing information and identifying synergies and interdependencies, the meeting also served to lay the groundwork to ensure coordinated implementation of projects across different fields of action.

The next two years promise to be an exciting time full of challenges and opportunities in which the "Fit for Future" program will take shape, guided by the shared vision of continuing to position the University of Bern as an attractive and modern institution.